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50th Reunion Recap

Prosser High School Class or 1965- 50th year reunion

How the Heck did this happen?!


In our graduation photograph there are 136 pictures and 4 names.

In our senior annual there are 144 pictures and 3 names.

We have always looked for any one associated with the class that wanted an invitation.

Our master list has 181 names.  About 30 are bad addresses.  19 classmates are deceased.

We have 136 good addresses.  A good number of them have no desire to attend.  Several have life situations that prevent them from attending. www.prosser65.com is our website

address.   We have nearly 60 classmates signed up there.


This year we had 27 attendees for an informal pizza party on Thursday evening.    Through the course of the weekend we had 61 classmates attend the various events.

Friday had a total attendance of 72 (43 classmates) , Saturday attendance was  84,  (61 classmates).   There were over 50 at the informal no host breakfast on Sunday.


Past reunions:  5th     - Legion Hall basement     -  39   classmates

                        10th   - Rivershore  Richland       -  57

                        15th   - Walnut Grove                  -  41

                        20th   - Holiday Inn                      -  84

                        25th   - The Barn                          -  45

                        30th   - The Barn                          -  51

                        40th   -  Quilted Inn                      - 45

                        45th   -  Princess Green Room     -  39

                        50th   -  Clore Center                   -  58


We had 40 classmates with military time.  19 served in Vietnam.  All came home alive.


Classmates in attendance this year were:

Bill Anderson,  Don Aubrey,  Gary Barkes,  Roger and Florence Deaton Beightol,  Janet Bower Bucholz,  Neil Brandsma,   Sherry Brown,  Della Buell Minchew,  Fred Carroll,  Vida Carson Johansen,  Jim Channel,  Larry Clark,  Cris Cole Owsley,  Barb Craven Em,   Jon Crosier,  Aaron Davis,  Jerry Dell,  John Demeyer,  Tyler Evans,  Todd Gay,  Coco (Melva) Grand Pante,  Merryann Gwinn Randall,  Linda Hileman Litten,  Dorothy Hill Cole,  Dave Holman,  John Howard,  Gary Kron,  Pat Layne Noble,  Carolyn Leghorn Kuhr,  Maureen Lemon,  Don and Kathy Hileman Lewis,  Tom Lund,  Greg McIntyre,  Gail Mellor Blair,  Kay Moore Morgan,  Dennis Mortimore,  Cheryl Niemi Wiseman,  Janie O’Neal Janssen,  Esther Palacios Leep,  Jim Parrish,  Neal Powell,  Marvin Ripplinger,  Rich Rogers,  Chris Root,  Barry Rupp,  Joe Rupp,  Sandy Schell Lillienkamp,  Jerry Schneider,   Marcia Scott Kleingartner,   Don Snyder,  Keith Studdard,  Al (Leroy) Teel,  Irv Travis,  Bill Tucker,  Ed and Geri Brooks Webster,  Charley Wetmore,  Ron (Rick) Wigger,   and Richard Clodius.


Memories are so beautiful and yet, some are too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget!  It is the laughter we remember when we remember the way we were!