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07/05/20 11:09 AM #1    


Fred Carroll

We (those of us that live in Prosser) have been getting inquiry's as to what is going on with our upcoming 55th reunion.  We have set a date for the week end of the 19th of September, 2020 and tentatively reserved a venue (Brewmanatti's) for the Saturday evening dinner.  Then the pandemic hit.  Until today (July5, 2020) we have been in lockdown mode 1.  We are going to a temporary 1.5 today.  Groups and restaurant seating has been non-existant until now.  The gurls can't  legally go to the hair dresser, men can not get a haircut and restaurants were take out only.  Bars were closed.  We will see how the two week reprieve goes.  Benton and Yakima County's are Hot spots.  Prosser is testing high in the positive Covid 19 tests.  Nobody has a clue if the numbers are really correct.  Masks are mandatory.  No mask-no service.

All this being said, what do we do?  We could covertly find a location, probably outside, and find a BBQ style caterer.  Weather in mid September will be chilly.  We could do a day time meal rather than evening.  Evidently the virus is null and void at Wal-Mart and Home Depot.  Maybe we shoud sneak in some take out and meet in the home and garden area in one of those venues.  Motel room's do not seem to be an issue.  Nobody is supposedto be traveling.  Eating out in any kind of a group is anyone's guess as to if that can happen.

We do not know if school is going to open to students in the buildings or stay virtual.  States Day and the parade have not, to my knowledge, been cancelled for this year-yet.  I personally have a tough time inviting my classmates to come visit under such circumstances.  No hugs, no handshakes, 6 foot distance rule, & masks required.  We seem to be in a bubble here.  The powers that be have decided to temporarily ease up because we seem to be traveling to get basic services (haircuts and sitdown restaurant meals)  that we are locked out of locally.  The Governor was heckled off the stage at CBC last week.

Hopefull we can put something together.  We have no clue what the specific's will be until we get closer ot the date.  We could just push it out a couple of years and do a 75th birthday party.  Getting a venue for 2021 will be  very interesting with all the cancellations from this year being pushed forward to 2021.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Living the dream.          509-786-1852 if you would like to chat.                                                                                                 just Fred



p/s     I will check with Breminatti's tomorrow to see if our second Monday coffee  might be able to resume in soome modified form.  Be safe.

07/29/20 10:07 AM #2    


Fred Carroll

Without going into a whole bunch of detail, I am here to say that we have officially pulled the plug on trying to have a 55th reunion.  If the covid 19 drama changes drastically  we may try to do something in 2021, but that is doubtful at this time.  The rules are changing both driections and everyone is unsure of  what the future holds for us.  Stay safe and stay home.

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